Have you ever considered a Mentor?

Mentors help guide less experienced people to a greater understanding and masterfulness in a particular subject area. I had a great mentor at Johnson Controls help me understand sales excellence in the early 90’s. A mentor will provide opportunities to understand what to do and when in situations that only their experience and knowledge can support.

More often than not, the mentor will also find the arrangement mutually rewarding through revisiting situations and subjects and giving back to the industry that has allowed them to develop their career.

Mentorship has to be considered as an ongoing process rather than an accomplishment, that has an end in sight. Finding a mentor could be easier than you think, as there may be experienced peers around you.

Just like joining an association as I mentioned in my previous post, initiatives like this can help to improve an industry and help an individual on their career path.


By Association…

If you have ever considered joining an association, I would thoroughly recommend it. An association such as AMCA is a cooperative group, where competition and barriers can be removed. The collection of members is far greater than any one individual. It allows like-minded individuals to connect with peers, share ideas, experiences and learn best industry practices. Professional relationships can be forged, which really is a backbone for promoting growth within in any industry.

An association may hold several events and committees each year allowing for prime learning, networking, and discussion. The majority of associations will also hold an enormous wealth of information including white papers, books, and articles allowing you to expand your knowledge and improve in the area you have chosen to make a career.

Sometimes good business is about the fun…

With the AHR Expo covering 465,000 square feet last week, we thought we would throw in a putting green. It was Wednesday at ASHRAE and customers stopped by to relax for a moment and practice their putting skills while conversing with our folks at the booth. Monday and Tuesday were so busy with customers!

Some may say that the golf course is a great place to do business so we took it to the expo!

Happy Holidays

As 2016 draws to a close and we look forward to 2017, it’s a great time to reflect on what has been achieved this past year. We have faced many challenges together and made significant progress too.

I would like to wish you all; customers, colleagues and friends alike, a happy, healthy holiday season and all the best for the New Year!


Recognizing long service

On Thursday evening December 8th, Ruskin and Reliable held their annual Service Award Banquet, recognizing employees for their many years of dedicated service, up to 53 years in one case!

Employees who have been with a company for so many years, hold a considerable knowledge base around products, services and the company’s culture. They have an intense understanding around production techniques and processes, as well as offering valuable guidance and support to new employees just beginning their journey. This all ultimately leads to greater success of the company as a whole.