How can we reduce data center energy costs?

With data centers being the largest and fastest growing consumers of electricity in the USA, even the World, we need to employ effective methods to reduce energy usage. Intelligent HVAC equipment can be a fundamental component in contributing to these vitally needed energy savings.

Data centers can be setup to take advantage of ‘free’ cooling by using a combination of intake/exhaust dampers in combination with airside economizers, their purpose to shut down compressors and bring in cool outside air where it is required. This ultimately results in substantial facility energy savings!

If you haven’t read the following article on reducing data center energy costs take a look here:

Being thankful

Thanksgiving really is a special holiday, it’s the best US holiday; food, family and football.

It’s a good time to reflect together and remember what we are most thankful for personally and professionally throughout this year.

I’m grateful to our loyal Ruskin customers and staff. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to serve others.

Happy Thanksgiving!

New heights for louvers

louver-heightsPhoto courtesy of OxBlue construction camera

How amazing are these technicians installing huge Ruskin Louvers at around 40 feet up and beyond? They will bring the highest level of functionality and aesthetic appeal to a Class A building in Dallas.

It just goes to show that with correct training, adhering to regulations, great products and a bit of nerve, you can accomplish the best results! After all everything is bigger in Texas and Louvers are no exception!

An honor and a privilege

amca-keith-postIt is an honor and a privilege to be elected as a member of the board of directors at AMCA. This is a responsibility that I do not take lightly, a three year commitment is exactly that, a commitment.

Thank you to previous board members who have laid the foundations over the last one hundred years providing such a valuable service to the industry.

As a board, together we will consider and make difficult decisions, decisions we believe will be in the best long-term interests of the entire industry.

Together as AMCA we are a team, each using our own unique strengths and experience.

Looking forward to the next one hundred years and beyond AMCA, as an organization, will continue to be an expert in accuracy, collaboration and persistence for Air Movement and Control.

We will be working closely with many organizations and individuals who contribute so much to AMCA’s mission in order to advance the health, growth and integrity of the air movement and control industry!