Severe treatment for commercial buildings on the coast

Sun, sea and salt air, most of us have been to the beach and enjoyed these. We have the ability to wash our cars and take a shower after a fun day’s outing, however a commercial building on the coast has no such luxury. On the coast, deterioration tends to happen at an accelerated rate.

Engineers have to take the harsh conditions these buildings are exposed to into consideration, with a strong emphasis on longevity and durability where high moisture/humidity and salt spray are a daily occurrence.

The new critical environment damper series from Ruskin® is designed and manufactured to withstand the elements of coastal and corrosive applications. The CD50CE and TED50CE combine the strength of stainless steel and protection of anodized aluminum to combat salt water elements. Corrosion resistance is a key attribute of anodic coatings, vital for metal parts that need to withstand the extremes of a coastal environment.

The new dampers feature low-maintenance, non-corrosive bearings and shake-proof linkage; airfoil blades for high-velocity heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, low-pressure drop and quieter performance; and mechanically-fastened blade edge seals.

Take a look at the new Critical Environment Dampers here

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