Women in HVACR

I wanted to mention the great work of ‘Women in HVACR’ which exist to improve the lives of their members by providing professional avenues to connect with other women growing their careers in the HVACR industry. I support their President, Julie Decker’s goal for 2017 of extending their reach within the industry.

According to Bureau of Labor statistics, 9.1% of the construction industry are women and this number thankfully continues to grow. Considered a male dominated industry, our industry is no different from any other in construction, however hard work, training, and the right certifications pave the way to competency and success, no matter what your gender may be. Without prejudice, the HVACR industry, for the future should continue to present mentors and opportunities to hard-working individuals interested in a challenging career. Only with this mindset can our industry prove successful and meet the challenges of future years, a mindset that is strong throughout the organization of ‘Women in HVACR’. Through well-presented initiatives, they are ultimately building a firm legacy within the HVACR industry, backed up by solid work ethics and results.

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President at ACI Mechanical and HVAC Sales

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