New AMCA International White Paper

White papers promote thought-leadership and clarify complex methods and solutions, delivering great value to the reader. Writing those takes some real work, and non-bias writing is important. White papers are one of the highest valued of any content offered online and a vital component within changing perceptions.

As I mentioned in my previous post ‘By Association’ the majority of associations will hold an enormous wealth of information including white papers.

If you are working within the building construction industry, AMCA International has just published a very useful white paper written by Louver Thought Leader, Ruskin Product Manager and a member of the AMCA Louver Marketing Task Force, Peter Blaha. Within this free white paper, Peter describes the tests outlined in ANSI/AMCA Standard 500-L. This will help specifiers understand what testing in accordance with this AMCA standard proves and does not prove about the louver they are considering for a project.

Link to Understanding the ANSI/AMCA Standard 500-L Tests White Paper

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