Baby, it’s cold outside

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is a popular song written by Frank Loesser in 1944 and popularized in the 1949 film Neptune’s Daughter, says Wikipedia. Dean Martin made it great, and now John Legend makes it modern. I love this old school image below.

Dean Martin film image Courtesy of

But that’s not the point, I am talking about staying warm inside with air distribution and how we make buildings feel great. We have Price Industries linear slot diffusers to separate cold windows from work spaces; smart, high performance heat pumps that far outperform electric heaters, like 3 to 1 better, and big fans that push warm air down from the ceiling in a large building. It is fascinating stuff, how a machine can effectively make you quietly comfortable. Take Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle for example:

Look closely for one of the three Big Ass Fans at Climate Pledge Arena
Zoomed in view of the PowerFoil fan that is 26 feet in diameter!

Heat rises, the air molecules are lighter than cold air because they are farther apart from each other. When you get the warm air circulating with cold air, life gets better for the occupant. Even though it’s cold outside we at ACI Mechanical and HVAC Sales know how to use science to make people comfortable!

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10 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside”

  1. I had the pleasure of working with Hermanson on Climate Pledge Arena. I also got to take a tour 1 week before its grand opening. It was amazing to see our Big Ass Fans in action! All trades involved on this project from Hermanson did an incredible job. It is almost unfathomable how skilled they are. This is a world class facility and Hermanson was more than fit for the challenge. I am proud to work with Hermanson on these complex projects.


  2. BAF HVLS fans are pretty incredible, the way they can help provide comfort year round. In the summer, these fans provide comfort by circulating air and creating a cool sensation on the skin and in the winter they do just as your blog describes. We often get questions about reversing the fan direction especially in the winter months. BAF has a great article on this that describes why this is not recommended – check it out If customers are concerned about feeling a draft using ceiling fans, simply turn down the speed and let the fan circulate the warm air! Let’s not forget about UV-C and other clean air options they can provide! Perfect during a pandemic, especially during a season when other cold and flu viruses are making their way around offices, schools etc.!


  3. BigAss fans are great in large facilities like Climate Pledge but, we have one in our ACI warehouse that really works well. When the fan is turned on you really notice the temperature difference in both heating and cooling modes. Next time you visit ACI take note of our BigAss fan in the will call area.

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  4. With their ability to verify performance through CFD simulation, BAF is a partner we can count on to keep people comfortable while saving energy!


  5. I’ve worked with many contractors over the years installing Big Ass Fans. The feedback always seems to be the same, these fans are very quiet, energy efficient, provide comfort in all applications, and have a huge energy savings. Great product lines for all comforts required.


  6. Without a proper de-stratification in the space, it is hard to keep occupants comfortable in large areas. BAF does an excellent job with providing the right tools, including CFD analysis software for engineers to design a space where the set point temperature is consistent.


  7. BAF is an industry leader not only in the phenomenal, highly engineered, equipment they are designing and building but also in research and development on the occupant comfort and efficiency front. The good folks at BAF put a huge emphasis on data and science driven air movement solutions. They’re never satisfied with simply continuing on with traditional design and old (sometimes incorrect) industry ideology but rather utilize state of the art research and testing labs to determine if a small change (such as not running your ceiling fans in reverse during the winter) can make a difference in occupant comfort, building efficiency, or both!


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