Function and Aesthetics for Educational Facilities

Educational facilities are currently the largest construction segment in the USA. An extremely important part of a working K12 school or College building is its air quality for occupants. Educational buildings see large volumes of people passing through and need to cater for ventilation rates and indoor air quality. Quoting the EPA studies show that one half of the USA’s 115,000 schools have problems with their indoor air quality. It is proven that health and comfort levels of educators and students is linked to air quality. As manufacturers of air movement/quality products, it is our responsibility to insure we meet the needs of students and staff alike by providing them with the highest quality equipment to facilitate clean and healthy air.

It gives me great pleasure when I see our brands such as Reliable Louvers contributing to making a school not only function efficiently for air intake and exhaust with its external louvers, but visually enhance the overall appearance of the buildings through efficient screening. Reliable’s products are designed to absolute and custom specifications. This is backed by highly experienced Engineers and professional staff, which reflect commitment to high-quality product standards. The job above in its planning stages was said to be an impossible task on the louver side, but Reliable met that challenge and surpassed it as it always does!