Transforming a website

When I joined ACI six months ago I was happy to learn that our leadership team had already embarked on updated software from INFOR SXe to help modernize our financial, project management, and inventory systems. We bolted on a B to B tool to the system called InSite to give our customers e-commerce access to our three warehouses, and eventually buy stocked products with their phone. We launched last week!

The ACI team has been great at taking on the challenge of a new website and”e-commerceizing” the paper stock catalog, a staple of the business since 1985, into an electronic store. I knew this would be a lot of work, and I can see it paying off already in our website traffic and time on the site. Our website has changed from essentially an electronic brochure about our company to a useful tool! More to come as we develop and grow it into a strong tool for our customers with real-time order tracking. I don’t think Jeff Bezos has to worry about us as a competitor, but I know for our customers, internal and external, that our information is power.

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President at ACI Mechanical and HVAC Sales

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