COVID-19 and our Pacific Northwest business

I have been doing this for a while now: leading teams who sell HVAC products to all types of customers–retailers, hospitals, education facilities, and government projects, to name a few vertical markets.  Business in the fall, into the winter, was good. Our customers were busy. During a meeting in December one customer said, “I don’t know how I am going to get all the work done!”

I have never seen an economy change so quickly as it has in the wake of this pandemic event.

9-11 was bad.  The Financial Crisis of 2008 was worse.  The part about the one in which we find ourselves today is the impact of the unknown.

For now, we are helping contractors get what they need, helping engineers (who might be working from the dining room table) get answers on product applications, and rescheduling all kinds of meetings to a date called “TBD.”

I hope I write the next blog about the US coming through this OK.  Time will tell.

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One thought on “COVID-19 and our Pacific Northwest business”

  1. Helping others is indeed the right thing to do now and always. We are each blessed to be a blessing to others in different ways. Keep up the good work.


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