Moving from Manufacturing to Representing the Manufacturer

I made the biggest move of my career this month. Moving from Ruskin President, a corporate employee, leading 8 factories and over $1M of production a day to being an owner at a successful rep firm ACI in Seattle, Portland, and Spokane.

The logistics and time it takes to make this happen are complex. I learned more about business law and finance in six months than all the years before. This sounds difficult. But here is why it’s easier than you’d think:

ACI founded in 1985 is a rock solid rep firm with over 40 employees, great engineering, sales, and support staff. We represent great product lines. I did not join a start-up.

The first week of a job tells it all in my opinion. You like it and people like you… or not. My first week was welcoming, happy, engaging, satisfying, and fun.

The future looks bright!

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President at ACI Mechanical and HVAC Sales

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