Energy Efficiency with Cooling and Lighting Integration

It’s good to look back over previous projects you have worked on such as product development and see how they have been actualized. One such project I was involved with was developing a product called the VENTUS LUX, which completed with its own patent recently. We worked on the project in partnership with HOK Architects.

The concept is to integrate the efficiency of chilled beams with energy saving LED lighting. This product is a dream to designers, as it means fewer installed components visible within a room. The kit is also at least 30 percent more efficient than traditional VAV systems as well as having more compact ductwork. With 60 to 75 percent of space cooling accomplished with integral coils it equates to a more economical use of space when fitted in ceiling cavities.

The Titus VENTUS LUX artfully combines air, water and light into a high performing chilled beam device.


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