Ruskin Louvers in Application

Shops at Clearfork is a typical, high-end US shopping experience with a mixture of offices, restaurants, entertainment and retail establishments. The great outdoor atmosphere makes guests want to stay that little bit longer. The new mixed use development is a fine example of architecture in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. I lived there for ten years of my life and have seen so much growth. It is now the fourth largest metro area in the US, up from 10th just ten years ago.

This venue shows off some of Ruskin’s finest louvers improving ventilation, screening, shading and building aesthetics in application. Sight proof louvers are built of aluminum and steel and are utilized for visual screening and light security. Also in application are Ruskin Sunshades, which are both functional and used for aesthetic affect offering energy savings by reducing heat gain through glazing.

With over 130 louver models, Ruskin® is sure to have a louver model that is right for your application. Take a look at Ruskin’s latest Louver Brochure: 



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