The Benefits of a Corporate HQ in Kansas City MO

I think Kansas City is a secret! Described as America’s creative crossroads, with a population of around 2.3 million people, Kansas City is built on diversity, innovation, and accessibility.

Ruskin® was founded in the Ruskin Heights area of Kansas City in 1958 growing into the largest and most innovative manufacturer of air control solutions with production and office locations across the States and worldwide.

Home of Ruskin’s worldwide headquarters, Kansas City is logistically the ideal location for our headquarters coordinating manufacturing, support, product development and sales efforts. For our Regional Sales Manager’s supporting our Sales Representatives own offices across the United States it aids traveling with access for face to face meetings and technical support. Any location can be reached relatively quickly from this central hub. It also serves as an optimal location for basic and advanced training sessions to assist and build knowledge around our product offerings, applications, and standards.

On site at Grandview headquarters, there is a fully equipped state of the art AMCA accredited test laboratory, allowing Ruskin to test air control products at the center of their development, in turn, assisting speed to market.

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President at ACI Mechanical and HVAC Sales

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