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Working with the best: Price Industries

Price Industries is amazing at commercial HVAC applications Price Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial HVAC equipment and systems, known for their innovative GRD, Chilled Beam and noise control designs and high-quality products. However, what truly sets them apart from their competitors, like Titus, Nailor, or Greenheck, is their outstanding engineering support…

Noise Control in action

ACI had an application where a four ton horizontal discharge heat pump was creating too much noise in a densely populated neighborhood. We engaged Price Industries noise control, and they delivered! The Price team used aluminum panels with weatherproof insulation and perforated panels, the “AP” series, combined with a bill-nosed “RH” panel. The contractor installed…

What if OPEN.AI wrote my blog posts?

I asked ChatBGT to “tell me about HVAC in Seattle”, here is what it wrote: HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. In Seattle, the climate is generally mild, with cool and rainy winters, and mild summers. However, in the summer months, temperatures can sometimes rise to the high 80s or even 90s, which…

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